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A Truli Big Day

Today is Truli a big day. So says TV legend Michael Jay Solomon whose Christian community website launches today. is being described as “the world’s only Christian social community and media library filled with family-friendly entertainment, spiritual education and personal growth programming for audiences worldwide.” Truli offers ministries tools to upload, catalog and archive sermons that Truli users can view virtually anywhere at any time. Truli also provides a wide menu of music and entertainment options as well as a social network where Christians can interact with their favorite pastors, ministries, musicians and each other.

Michael Jay Solomon tells me that he expects big things for his brainchild. He says the huge potential Christian audience is greatly under served. He also notes that ministries who share their positive messages via Truli garner an opportunity to connect with vast numbers of people who would otherwise never hear what they have to say. Michael Jay Solomon’s background includes co-founding and running Telepictures (which later became Lorimar-Telepictures), as well as a highly-successful executive stint at Warner Bros. Entertainment Group. So, who can discount the wisdom of Michael Jay Solomon? Not me.
(NOTE: An earlier version of this post referred to Truli as a subscription-based service. That is not the case.)

The name, BTW, comes from the Bible’s frequent use of variations of the word “truth” which is something he intends to offer in abundance.