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truli, masterpiece media innovation
by Janey Demeo – July 17, 2012

Examiner.comWith San Diego’s annual Comic-Con just over, media madness is still in the air. Perfect time to introduce a unique new innovation that enables Christians to explore and exploit wholesome media and more.

Michael Jay Solomon, creator of, is a genius with a global vision to further God’s Kingdom. Truly!

Michael Jay Solomon, co-founder of Telepictures Corp, the largest U.S. television syndication company and one of the largest international distribution companies, has used his five decades of experience to create—a unique and powerful product that can change lives all over the world.

truli is a safe cyberspace community providing family-friendly entertainment, spiritual education and personal growth programming—an online hub for Christians to interact with likeminded people and share wholesome, faith-based content. And it is free.

truli is unique. It is the only Christian social community of its kind inasmuch as it provides a jam-packed media library containing wholesome entertainment, inspirational input and spiritual education—all topically categorized—and all just a click away. truli provides the Christian community easy access to sermons, music, concerts, movies, comedy and IP/TV programs with assurance that the content is wholesome.

When I asked Michael Jay Solomon how came about, he replied,

“I’ve been a content distributor all my life…providing the largest distribution of TV product-content for over 40 years . . .” (President of Lorimar Telepictures Corp., President of Warner Bros.International Television, founder of Solomon Entertainment Enterprises…are among his many achievements.)

“I wanted to take advantage of 21st Century technology—especially because, as the world gets more difficult, people are turning to spirituality. There are 100 million evangelicals in the USA, and 6-7 hundred million outside. I wanted to focus on the evangelical community. So I created technology that could provide content that is spiritually satisfying.”

When asked how truli works, Michael Jay Solomon responded, “Church sermons and educational material will be stored on under categories and topics, optimizing search engine results.”

Michael Jay Solomon explained how, for example, kids are often touched by a motivational message they hear at camp. But years later the power of the message has worn off and they backslide. “80 % of kids who grow up in a Christian environment fall away in adulthood,” Michael Jay Solomon explained. If they could relocate that same message online, it might help reignite the spark. is not only a free service. It is also user-friendly—sign in, log on etc.—and opens endless opportunities for those bringing a message of truth to gain exposure – whether their product is in sermon form, music, video, written material, or whatever. users can upload their content and share it with the entire truli community. Imagine the possibilities for blossoming garage bands!

But that’s not all. Solomon, who is a pioneer and master in USA media product and content placement, explains that truli “will also focus on overseas.”

Imagine the global impact! People from all over the world will be able to access sermons and other Christian content in their own language. And people with wholesome content to offer will be able to share it in their own language for others to benefit. Sounds a bit like Acts 2 all over again — only reaching everywhere at one time.

One of truli’s many cool features is the “Amen” button (instead of “like” as in Facebook). Another facet is that ministries can have their own “donate” button on the site (with a small contribution taken for admin), which helps with fundraising and support. “This gives them a larger opportunity,” says Michael Jay Solomon.

truli offers many special aspects including:

  • Accessibility anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  • A platform to interact with a worldwide network of Christians, including teachers, pastors, ministries, musicians, educators or anyone else providing content on truli.
  • Enhanced, comprehensive search engine results of media product from sermons and messages to music and movies, from talk shows to discussion groups, to comedy…
  • Content that is searchable by categories, criteria and keywords.
  • Opportunities for likeminded people to join together in global or local social activism causes.

With all of Michael Jay Solomon’s years of expertise and wealth of knowledge (hmm, sounds like a the Bible again), what does Michael Jay Solomon take away from truli?

“It’s about doing something good. Something satisfying. truli is a product the whole family can enjoy.”

And the whole world can profit.

Janey DeMeo, M.A.
Copyright © July 2012