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by Anne Mount

Truli founder, President and CEO, Michael Jay Solomon, spearheads distributing family-friendly, spiritual content through every mobile apparatus.

“I’m a content person,” quips Michael Jay Solomon, the founder, President and CEO of, the world’s first and only Christian social community and media library distributed through computers, tablets, mobile phones and more. The content itself contains movies, music, sermons, educational forums, comedy, IP/TV programming and there is no end in sight, as, launched July 12, 2012, continues to grow at an enormous pace. Access on is free anytime, anywhere, on any technical mobile apparatus.

“I’ve been in this business of syndicating content for over 50 years,” relates Michael Jay Solomon, the man who has been the largest distributor of television product worldwide. Just a small part of Solomon’s background includes being co-founder of Telepictures Corp., which expanded to become the largest television syndication company in the United States, and one of the largest distribution companies internationally.

Telepictures later merged with Lorimar to form Lorimar Telepicture Corp. and Michael Jay Solomon became the company’s new President, serving on its Board of Directors. Under Solomon’s leadership, Lorimar Telepictures became the largest television production and distribution company in the world. When Lorimar was acquired by Warner Bros., Michael Jay Solomon became President of Warner Bros. International Television.

Michael Jay Solomon’s leading the charge through multiple industry advancements have taken him into Latin America, Europe and Asia. “I put most of the stations on the air in Latin America, for example,” says Michael Jay Solomon, who is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. “I created the international departments.”

And, now, with, the use of digital media as the new way we obtain movies, music, all information through our cell phones, tablets, computers, anything mobile, Solomon is on the “crest” of not just a “wave,” but a ” user-friendly tidal wave” of how we stay connected and entertained.

“When people ask me, ‘what are you doing,’ I tell them I’m doing the same thing I did 50 years ago, but instead of syndicating content to television networks all over the world like I have been, I’m syndicating content to the new technologies,” explains Michael Jay Solomon.

Truli is free to anyone who wants to register and jump on board. Parents, children, wives, husbands, anyone who is interested in family-friendly, inspirational content can easily peruse the various categories to find their favorite movies, music, books, plus sermons from pastors,ministers, even rabbis, dialogue forums, as well as tips on the subject of raising kids, having a happy marriage, spiritual questions and more. An additional benefit to pastors, and those involved in the ministry, is that they can join and upload their own sermons and information about their churches or ministries to offer their messages of hope, love, faith, inspiration, courage to the world.

As continues to attract a global following, Solomon stays committed to family-friendly content by making sure every piece of content gets The Dove Foundation “seal of approval. ” Confirms Michael Jay Solomon: “I’m very sensitive to provide content that fits into Christian moralities and Christian ethics, as well as family ethics. Anything that does not meet that criteria will not be on”

Michael Jay Solomon is a family man truly dedicated to spiritual faith and family values. Unlike other huge websites that have lost their focus, this man knows where he’s going. “I believe that to have success today you have to be focused, and I’m totally focused on the evangelical world today.”